Con Morhen

Housův mlýn, Tábor 11. - 14. 4. 2024
Srdce z kamene


If you can't attend the event, you can transfer your ticket to someone else, but only with our assistance. Resold or otherwise transferred tickets will not be valid.

Contact us at for ticket transfers.

The ticket deadline is 5 days. After five days, tickets are usually canceled. We'll inform you about the cancellation via email.

Yes, it will be possible to purchase tickets on-site, but only if they are not sold out before the start of the event.

There is no costume requirement at Con Morhen. Costumes are welcome, but if you don't have one, simply try to avoid choosing flashy, modern clothing. Modern glasses and shoes are also not a problem; just try to avoid vibrant, artificial colors, especially for footwear.

Yes, children are allowed at the event. Certain restrictions or ticket prices depend on the age of child visitors:

  • Children aged 0-14 (inclusive) entry only accompanied by parents
  • Children aged 0-4 (inclusive) enter for free
  • Children aged 5-14 (inclusive) have discounted admission
  • All visitors aged 15 and above pay full ticket price
  • Children aged 15-17 (inclusive) entry only with a signed permission slip from a legal guardian

We typically process tickets every morning and evening. In the case of immediate payment, you should receive the ticket in your email within 24 hours.

Yes, a weapon can be part of your costume, whether it's made of soft material or metal. However, you are responsible for handling the weapon and must not endanger other visitors. It's advisable to keep the weapon mostly sheathed, on a belt, or in another secure place. If you intend to showcase the weapon, be cautious and alert those around you. Any combat scenes are only allowed with the knowledge and presence of one of the organizers. Please set aside your weapon before entering the dance area to avoid accidentally harming other visitors during the dance.

There will be a wide selection of food and drinks available on-site that will surely satisfy your cravings. However, you can also bring your own food, especially if you have specific dietary requirements. Nevertheless, we kindly request that you do not consume your own food and drinks in indoor areas.

No, there's a strict prohibition on bringing pets to the event. The reason behind this is both the safety of the event attendees and your beloved pets. Additionally, there are regulations regarding the venue's rules that we must adhere to.

Yes, cosplaying any character from The Witcher is allowed.

Yes, for Con Morhen: The Cursed Hearts, there is a limited number of single-day tickets available. You can find more information directly on the ticket sales page.

There won't be any supervised storage area at the event, so make use of your tents or other accommodations.

Photography at our event is allowed, but always ask the involved individuals if they consent to being photographed. However, if any area is marked as 18+, only our official photographers can take pictures there by prior arrangement.

Photographers should first ask for your consent before taking any pictures. If this doesn’t happen, feel free to inform the photographer and request them to stop taking photos and delete any images taken without your permission. If someone doesn't respect your request, please notify the organizers about their inappropriate behavior.

Parking around Housův mlýn and at the Jordánská parking lot is reserved for organizers, bands, and our performers, only with our permission. Therefore, you can park in any designated area within the city. If you have special needs and require parking close to the venue, please contact us, and we will try to find a solution together.

The staff at Housův mlýna only accepts cash, but our information booth and the rear bar will have card terminals available for payment. Available payment methods at vendor stalls vary by the seller. The outdoor tavern and our information booth will offer cashback with a 2% fee.

No, bonfires can only be lit with the organizers' permission as part of the storyline. Visitors themselves cannot start any bonfires.