Con Morhen
The Cursed Hearts

Housův mlýn, Tábor 11. - 14. 4. 2024
Srdce z kamene

About festival

The Con Morhen team has prepared a great brochure for festival visitors, which contains everything you need to know about the event. Details about sleeping spaces, programme, rules, food and drinks menus, and more – you can find all of that in our brochure!

Don’t want to risk getting lost at the event? Your buddies told you they would be in Novigrad, but you have no idea where it is? Feel free to download our beautiful maps! We’ve got plans of the inner and outer premises.

Don’t know what’s happening when? Want to be sure you won’t miss the Deloraine concert? Heard of an awesome lecture, but you just can’t remember where and when it takes place? In that case, visit our page with the programme!



Storyline and LARP experiences

The whole festival will be accompanied by a storyline with theatrical performances on the stage and a whole-con game you can become a part of. Perhaps you will be able to influence the story, or the contrary - what happens on the stage can influence your in-game destiny.

Cosplay contest

Cosplay contests are an integral part of various cons, and Con Morhen will not be an exception. Cosplayers with hand-made costumes will compete for valuable prizes on the stage. They will also prepare a short scene for both you and the jury, which is also a part of the evaluation. And if you want to test your mettle with other cosplayers, don’t hesitate to sign up. We will bring more information on the cosplay contest soon.

Workshops, lectures, and demonstrations of old crafts

You can look forward to a rich secondary programme during the whole Con Morhen, be it various interesting lectures, workshops, or demonstrations of historical crafts. More details on the secondary programme are coming soon.

Teahouse, marketplace, and photo booth

Are you looking for a place to relax, would you like to spend a couple of orens or florens, or do you want to immortalize yourself and make a nice memento from Con Morhen? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our teahouse will offer you some space for a nice chat with friends, various craftsmen will be selling their goods in the marketplace, and our photo booth will let you create an illumination of yourself thanks to modern magic research.

Board game room, videogame room

Do you need someone to play board games with? Do you lack modern equipment to play videogames? Feel free to visit our board game room or videogame room where you can find other players, games and state-of-the-art machines.