Con Morhen
The Cursed Hearts

Housův mlýn, Tábor 11. - 14. 4. 2024
Srdce z kamene

About us

We bring you a new Witcher project in the Czech Republic: Con Morhen.

We are fans of fantasy and the Witcher, and we love to tell stories which could happen in the background of the events presented by the books and videogames. However, we would like you to experience these stories and the atmosphere with us.

What can you expect from us? First and foremost, our flagship festival Con Morhen, which combines elements of a con, LARP, and a music festival. The first year will take place from 11th to 14th April 2024 at Housuv mlyn in Tabor. You’re in for concerts by many bands, such as Percival, Deloraine, Strigôň, Tempus, Musica Canora, Durangir, Jeden Kmen and others. We will also have a cosplay contest, workshops and demonstrations of old crafts, lectures, a board game room, a videogame room, a photo booth, a teahouse, sales booths, and much more. Our taverns and bars will keep your cups full and your stomachs happy. And last but not least, the whole con will be accompanied by a storyline, so you can expect theatrical performances of both familiar and new characters.

We also organize smaller, more atmospheric events with mandatory costumes, such as our very first event The Underworld: An Ofieri Quest, which took place from 1st to 3rd September 2024 at Housuv mlyn in Tabor.

We still have more. We also organize Morhenburg - a photo event for invited cosplayers and larpers, which is focused on fantasy and takes place on the premises of a selected Czech castle or a chateau. We also plan a ball and a LARP, and we always come up with more ideas. Our events are open to both domestic and foreign visitors.

Our events

Our organizational team has already completed two events this year.

Underworld: Ofieri Mission is a smaller event that heavily focuses on roleplay and an overall period atmosphere. The entire event is accompanied by a story and numerous quests that participants can fulfill as visitors or inhabitants of the free city of Novigrad.

MorhenBurg is an event primarily for cosplayers and photographers. In 2023, the event took place at the Brandýs nad Labem castle, where we had the opportunity to create plenty of beautiful photographs and videos. MorhenBurg aims to provide spaces for photography that are not always easily accessible and also to connect photographers and cosplayers from various corners (not only) of our republic, thus having the opportunity to make new contacts and create exceptional photographs together.

Moment of the final clash between Cossacks and the Ofier caravan
One of the most visited places, full of beauty and delight
There's nothing more beautiful than seeing you with a smile on your face
The birth of Sellenium, the first of its name, 1272, colored
Friendships in Novigrad are diverse
The Guard and Witch hunters don't always find a common ground
Newitcherpatelní, that's definitely us!
All roads lead to the free city
Ladies exchanging the latest hot information from the Underworld
Even caravan members from distant lands cherish memories of vacations
In Novigrad, you can meet many familiar faces
Ofier caravan, 1262, colored
In cities, you can learn a lot, even self-defense!
A toast to everyone's health!
Always have a friend on the road, like Shajtan here!
Music is a remedy, and the band Tempus knows how to heal

Meet the Organizational Team

Newicherpatelní or the organizing team of Con Morhen and other events of this production. Most of us knew each other previously, some of us joined later. Each of us is a bit of an expert in something else, which allows us to complement each other excellently and rely on each other. We all have crazy ideas and believe that together we can make them happen and present to you unique events where we can all meet.

Lets introduce the one without whom there would never be any Con Morhen in the first place: Vojta aka Sellen or @theviperguy . Sellen brings the primary ideas for events and determines their theme and content. Together with Lyshak and Vojtak, he produces the storyline. He procures people, locations and props. He distributes tasks and motivates us. Besides Con Morhen, he manages The Witcher stories @thewitcherstoriescz project – a series of short movies from the world of The Witcher. In his free time, he cooks – sorry, he creates magic in his kitchen, where he prepares heaven in your mouth from common, uncommon as well as entirely exotic ingredients.
Jakub Kuba or also Jimmy. Kuba is an immensely practical and resourceful guy, so logically, it fell upon him to deal with probably the least fun part of any event: dealing with problems that arise - both expected and unexpected ones (and you wouldn’t believe what kind of bizarre stuff Kuba has had to deal with). Jakub takes care of the bands and performers and also of us, when we forget to get something to eat or drink. Fortunately, Kuba has got a lot of experience with production, but he works in the insurance industry at the moment. Jakub loves riding his motorcycle, organizing cultural events and being a political activist, which he compensates with getting lost in nature, his thoughts and bohemianism.
Our dear Ciri. She is an expert on meads and other liquid refreshment, whether it contains alcohol or not. For our events, she selects meads, will guide you through a tasting, ensures a smooth operation of our bars, and when you’re thirsty, be sure to try her ice tea. Apart from that, she helps Chiisai with the administration of our organization. Ciri loves the theatre – not just as an audience member, but mainly as a wardrobe manager and sound engineer who can make any crazy idea of the director a reality. She prefers to devote her leisure time to her domestic animals, books, Dragon Age, and to creating various stuff of all kinds.
The shortest, but definitely an equally important member of our team is Joan @joanbaggins . She is in charge of cosplay guests, stallholders and the cosplay contest. On the spot, she tends to all this and also does makeup for most of the actors in the storyline. Joan is a professional cosplayer; she creates bespoke costumes and helps other cosplayers with their creations. Apart from Con Morhen, she also helps with the programme of Animefest. Joan is a huge fan of anime, games and Dungeons and Dragons. As soon as she takes to something, she already plans a new cosplay or at least a makeup test. She spends her free time (if there is any) playing video games or watching shows and anime.
The next member of our team probably doesn’t need a big introduction – Filip Zenisek aka Lyshak. He translates all the texts from Czech to English for us. And also from our Czech to the proper Czech, while pretending he doesn’t suffer doing it (though sometimes, the pretence is a bit of a stretch for him). Apart from that, he designs the plot lines and story content of our events with Sellen and Vojtak. He is also in charge of writing the scripts and training our on-stage performers with little to no acting experience. Similarly, he works on the Witcher Stories. He manages to do all this, because he does this for a living outside of Con Morhen as well. Lyshak is a video-game translator (with hundreds of games under his belt, and yes, including The Witcher 3), proofreader, writer, screenwriter, director, actor, voice actor, and last but not least a workaholic, because if he hadn’t been one, he would have probably thrown us to the winds a long time ago. Therefore, we can be proud to have become his hobby.
Markéta or Mirael. @mirael.swscosplay She is the keeper and manager of our social media, more specifically Facebook and Instagram. Apart from that, naturally, Mirael designs and plans our events with the rest of the team. More importantly, she constantly annoys everyone with nosy questions, asking if this or that is finally ready and if we can write a post about it for you. During the events, she help wherever necessary and tries to capture what’s happening, which Mirael definitely never forgets to upload to stories. She tries to do all this while doing her scientific work, cosplay, playing Dungeons and Dragons and occasional travelling.
Vojta or Vojťák. Together with Lyshak and Sellen, Vojtak prepares the story content of our events. He will also prepare maps for you so that you can find anything you might ever need at our events and never get lost. During the events, he helps wherever necessary – usually, he searches for someone who should be somewhere but they are not there and it actually looks like they are nowhere. Vojta is an architect by profession (not IT, the old-fashioned kind… bricks, concrete and all that.). In his spare time, he writes stories, plays Dungeons and Dragons, plays discgolf every now and then, travels and cooks amazing meals.
Chiisai. She took an uneasy part of managing our organization from the administrative viewpoint. She’s got experience, though, having organized cons for over ten years now - she participated in the legendary Junktown, for example. On the spot, she will also take care of the info booth, complaints and visitors’ safety. Chiisai is working in a non-profit organization and devotes her free time to fireshows, playing RPGs, attending post-apo LARPs, and riding her bike as her favourite means of transportation.
This article is about Jaczk aka the Meadman. His main task is to prepare the whole-con game and LARP elements of our events. He is in charge of the game mechanics, training and happiness of our NPCs and solving any conflicts during intense game moments. Apart from that he lives up to his name and occasionally serves mead to visitors in the mead cellar. Jaczk does game design for a living, too – he is a designer, manager and game developer, who is involved in the new Bulanci, for example. He devotes his spare time to LARPs and fencing, he likes to ride on his iron steed, travels and relaxes playing videogames.
Eric, our friend and awesome graphic designer. @petrerichofmann_art is an amazingly talented and enthusiastic artist and painter, who devotes his time to both digital creation as well as physical craft, and he also works in animation. Eric got so hyped that he created lots of material for us in such a short time, which you will get to see sooner or later. We can only promise it’s very much worth it.
Ondra, also known as Withal @_withal_ . He is our expert on all things IT. He prepares websites, teaches us to use a tool we use to plan everything as a team, and comes up with a lot of fun stuff you can look forward to in the future. During the events, he helps with whatever is necessary at the moment. Withal also does IT for a living, even though he rather manages people now, which is even more demanding. Apart from that, he tries to manage playing Dungeons and Dragons and 3D printing, and from time to time, he likes to unwind while throwing plastic circles into a basket during discgolf.